How we can make our leaders act on climate change?

Nine in ten of us are worried about climate change, but most of us don’t speak out. The problem is so big, it’s easy to feel like nothing we do will make a difference.
But your voice absolutely matters, in fact, change can’t happen without it.

Without public pressure, we wouldn’t have had civil rights reforms, votes for women or the Paris Climate Agreement.


In just a few short weeks, world leaders are gathering in Glasgow for the pivotal COP26 climate talks. We know commitments made by governments are nowhere near enough to put the brakes on the climate emergency.


Now is the time to turn up the volume. Leaders need to know that we’re watching. That climate action has broad, powerful, impassioned public support. They need to know that their legacy hangs in the balance. They need to understand that it is not just the right thing to do, but also the best thing to do for their political self-interest. Their actions in Glasgow will be at the front of our minds when we next go to the polls.


One thing we can all do today is use the Climate Cymru website to send a message to the conference. It takes less than a minute to tell our leaders you want meaningful action to protect the things we love. Climate Cymru are engaging directly with leaders to make sure those voices are heard, the more voices they have, the more powerful the message.

We are a Climate Cymru partner as we know that speaking up makes a difference – a big difference – and joining forces with diverse organisations across Wales amplifies our message:



“The climate and nature emergencies require urgent action and these actions should be guided by the best available evidence and the voices of people across Wales.”

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