The Community Space

Private, ad-free, and welcoming, the Community Space is open to all Something Club members to share, learn, discuss and collaborate.

We know that discussing climate and sustainability issues on social media can be… challenging. But we also know that it’s difficult to make time to take part in discussions, events, and campaigning out in the ‘real world.’ We wanted to create a supportive space for conversation, creativity, and sharing. 

There are different ways to use the Community Space – you’ll be able to see what’s on and RSVP to events, jump into a conversation in the themed discussion spaces, take part in the book club or take on a role in the annual campaign.


You choose your level of involvement – you can join and leave areas within the Community Space, get notifications for different activities, or turn them off completely. And if you’re not a big social media user then you can receive a weekly digest of what’s been happening in the Community Space instead. On the other hand, if you like to browse the community while on the go then you can download the app and keep your conversations going. 

If you’d like to see a live preview of the Community Space just click on the round pink icon in the bottom right of your screen. 


We’ve designed the space to be easy to navigate and simple to use – you can write posts, share links, videos, or files, and easily connect with other members. There are chat spaces for a wide range of sustainability topics, and regional groups and new topics can be created based on community feedback. There will also be opportunities to volunteer as a moderator and get your membership free in return. 

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