The Boneyard @ Railway Gardens

Discover the independent businesses and organisations based in the shipping containers

Railway Gardens offers a space for creatives, small businesses, social enterprise, and non-profits thanks to The Bone Yard’s eight colourful shipping container workspaces. Here’s where you can meet the tenants and find out more about what they offer…
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Claudia Reneè - Massage Therapy

For Women & LGBTQ+ Community 🌈

I am dedicated to holistic massage because I believe in the power of nurturing both the body and the mind. With an understanding of how stress and tension can impact overall well-being, I am passionate about helping people find relief and balance through my therapeutic touch. I find fulfilment in providing a healing experience that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 


My goal is to support my clients on their journey to wellness, guiding them towards a state of harmony and connecting them with their body, mind, and spirit. Treatments only offered to women and LGBTQ+ community.

Opening hours

By appointment: Book here


On Track Counselling

"Empowering Minds, Counselling for Sustainable Wellbeing"

Are you looking for support around your mental or emotional wellbeing? Would you like to talk to someone in confidence about a difficulty you may be experiencing? Are you looking for space to explore your best hopes for the future? I provide short and long-term support that is safe, warm and collaborative. If you would like to know more, then please do get in touch. 

Opening hours

By appointment. Find full details at


Email  or call 07428183000

Benthyg Splott

Borrow - don't buy - from this Library of Things!

Benthyg Cymru is Wales’ Library of Things and has one simple goal; to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread.


Items available to borrow include gardening and DIY tools, camping equipment and much more, all available to borrow for less than you’d expect to pay second hand, and with the opportunity to pay in time instead of cash.


(P.S. Benthyg,  pronounced ben-thig, is a Welsh word meaning borrow or lend.)

Opening hours

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 10am – 2pm. 


Contact Community Activator Rich on if you’re interested in more information, volunteering, making a donation,  or joining the local steering group. 

The SAFE Foundation

Bringing societies together to make lives better

The SAFE Foundation is a Cardiff-based charity committed to improving the lives of some of the poorest people and communities in the world. With a variety of projects taking place in the UK and overseas, our mission is to build a fairer, brighter and peaceful future for the world. 

Opening hours

Coming soon!


Green Squirrel

Creativity and community for a greener, fairer future

That’s us! We’re a Community Interest Company offering a helping hand for anyone who wants to take action on the climate and nature crisis. As well as overseeing Railway Gardens we offer a range of services, from our online climate action community, The Something Club, to workshops, training, content creation and more. You can explore what we offer here on our site, get in touch, or pop in to our office at Railway Gardens to say hi – we’re in the green container painted with trees directly in front of the gates. 

Opening hours

We’re usually on site on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays but we strongly recommend making an appointment to make sure we’re available! 


Contact us here or email

New businesses arriving soon!

Two new independent businesses and a monthly pop up Eco Market will be joining us in early summer 2024. To find out who they are, and stay in the loop with all the latest Railway Gardens news, sign up to our monthly newsletter.