Secret Squirrel Suppers

Learning, sharing, and sustainable food at unique Cardiff venues.

Our suppers clubs are an opportunity for people with shared interests in community and sustainability to meet up, learn from each other, cook and eat together… and maybe play a bit of pass the parcel.

Our Supper Club series grew out of the fact that often, during a Green Squirrel workshop, everyone was having so much fun chatting, swapping ideas, and eating cake, that was sometimes hard to cram everything in! We decided to create some dedicated events for socialising, community skill sharing, and sustainable food. And to make it a little more exciting, we decided to keep the venues secret until the last minute…


Our very first supper club was on a wintery November evening at Pedal Power’s inclusive cycling cafe in Pontcanna, and a spring event at Nata on Castle Street. These were followed by a sunny summer outdoor supper at the Edible Adamdown garden in – you guessed it – Adamsdown, where guests helped prepare their dinner with fresh ingredients from the garden and had a go at botanical textile printing. 

Supper club volunteers supporting Lia's Kitchen to cook up a feast

Next we held a series of three themed events – Reclaim, Reflect, and Restore – at Little Man Garage on Tudor Lane, Spit and Sawdust Skate Park, and inside a giant polytunnel at Bute Park Plant Nursery! At these events guests took part in cookery activities (such as making a jar of Lia’s famous pickled plums to take home), crafts, skill shares, and more. A ‘community noticeboard’ at the end of every event gave people a chance to speak about a project or organisation they are part of and invite others to get involved. 

Biologist and comedian Simon Watt entertains Supper Club guests after dinner in a giant polytunnel in Cardiff's Bute Park

We had three main aims with the Secret Squirrel Suppers: 


1. Showcase amazing sustainable food and low impact events, taking care to source with care, borrow not buy, repurpose and reuse, in every aspect of our event planning. 


2. Create a relaxed and informal space with activities and prompts to start positive conversations about sustainability issues.


3. Provide opportunities for individuals and community groups to connect with new people and grow their confidence in sharing their skills with others. 

Would you like us to plan an exciting supper event for your audience? From the venue and the food to the speakers and activities, we can create a memorable occasion with the focus on sustainability. Please get in touch using the form below if you’d like to discuss an event. 

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