Thanks to Footwork we’re increasing the support we can offer at Railway Gardens

There's a lot going on at Railway Gardens and there's a lot going on in Splott! What if it was easier to find the right opportunity, support, or service for you, on site, locally, or further afield? How could a little extra support help you to get involved in and shape your community?

We’re pleased to share the news that – with the support of Footwork – we’ll soon have a part-time Community Navigator joining the Railway Gardens team to offer additional support to people involved in the project. A Community Navigator can…


  • Help identify the best activities at the Gardens for you or someone you support, whether you’re looking to socialise, develop new skills, make new friends or build your confidence.  
  • Explore possible volunteering roles with you and support you to begin volunteering, for example by matching you with a volunteer buddy or helping you to apply to volunteer elsewhere. 
  • Help you explore other support you might find useful outside of the Railway Gardens project; locally, across the city, or online. 
  • Assist with things like form filling and referrals to make use of other services. 
  • Offer a friendly, familiar face to build confidence when coming along to new activities. 

This new role has been made possible through the generous support of Footwork – a charity on a mission to build resilient communities that value local experience and encourage people’s freedom to act and to collaborate in shaping the places where they live. They believe that:

“living your life well means feeling you belong within a place; having strong relationships with the people around you; and being able to contribute to shaping the place where you live.”

We couldn’t agree more! So we are absolutely honoured that we have been chosen to receive Footwork’s support through their People and Place Fund alongside nine other exciting projects across the UK. This fund provides funding and strategic support to local social innovators – highly motivated individuals and groups who have identified local problems within their community and the solutions to tackle them. Thank you Footwork for believing and trusting in the Splott and Adamsdown community. 

This Community Navigator role will initially last for a year. During that time we will also be developing an accessible and easy to navigate Community Noticeboard to make it easy to find services, activities, and support in our local area. 

We are so excited to further grow the team and expand what Railway Gardens has to offer – and we’d love your help to shape this new role! Please do get in touch using the form below and let us know…


  • What kind of support would you find most useful to help you, or someone you support, to get move involved in our community? 
  • When would you be most likely to visit us for this kind of support? For example, would you be more likely to pop in on weekends or weekdays? 
  • How would you be most likely to contact the Community Navigator? For example, by phone, email, or by coming in to speak to them face to face. 
  • Anything else you’d like to tell us about how we can best support you. 

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