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As a member of Social Farms and Gardens, we are pleased to offer you free membership of The Something Club
Solving the climate crisis takes everyone - and we know that, as community growers and farmers, you're often on the front lines of climate solutions within your community. As Social Farms and Gardens members ourselves through our Railway Gardens project, we wanted to invite you to join us - completely free - to The Something Club, our new online climate action community.

Read on to find out more about what to expect as a Something Club member and activate your free membership. 

What is The Something Club?
The Something Club is a new online community for anyone who wants to be part of the climate story.

If you’ve been looking for a non-judgemental and community-led space to turn worry into action then we’re so pleased you found us! As a member you can…

🎟️ Pick and choose from a monthly programme of exciting online events that develop your skills, knowledge and confidence as a climate leader. Choose events to fit around your schedule and focus on the topics that interest you most.

💬 Keep the conversation going on the Community Space, a welcoming and ad-free online platform for learning, sharing, support and collaboration.  It’s a safe place to ask questions, share how you’re feeling, and connect with others.

🌎 Challenge yourself with our monthly no-nonsense guides to planet-friendly living, find new friends to collaborate on a big idea, or sharpen your campaigning claws by taking on a role in the annual Something Club Action.  

Beat burnout and the climate blues with our regular social events, including coffee mornings, book clubs, skills shares, and seasonal celebrations. 

Buy One - Give One
Fixing the climate and nature emergency is going to take everyone. 

That’s why Something Club membership works on a Buy One, Give One basis. 


For those who can afford to pay there’s a monthly membership fee, starting from £8/ month. This allows us to pay all contributors fairly. Every time someone signs up for a paid membership they gift a free membership to someone who would find the cost a barrier. 


These free memberships are available to anyone who needs one, no questions asked. We also offer free memberships directly to organisations working with communities whose voices are seldom heard in the environmental and social change movements. 

What does membership include?
Access to all events including workshops, speakers, and practical lunchtime learning sessions.


A private and ad-free online community space where it's easy to learn, connect and collaborate.

Climate vs: a practical monthly guide to reducing the impact of our daily activities, straight to your inbox.

Regular social events - from a weekly coffee club and monthly book club to seasonal celebrations.
As a member of The Something Club you will...

Build the practical skills that matter to you, from personal action to campaigning 

Be inspired by expert speakers and ordinary people taking extraordinary action

Find the right tools for you and your community to create change

Grow your understanding of environmental justice and climate solutions 

Fight burnout and build resilience to eco anxiety in a supportive and friendly community

Help to build a diverse and inclusive climate and nature movement.

I'm ready to activate my free membership!

We have made twenty free memberships available to Social Farms and Gardens members. To activate your please click the button below, click ‘I have a coupon code’ and use the code FARMGARDEN .


 These memberships are available on a first come, first served basis, so if you code doesn’t work for you then all twenty memberships have already been claimed. However, if you’d still like to join The Something Club you can find paid memberships here, or get in touch with us if you’d find the cost a barrier.