Data, Art and Action

A STEM programme for secondary pupils commissioned by The Prince's Trust

During Data, Art and Action workshops pupils discover different ways in which climate change can be measured and linked to human activity, and explore how artists have used data to tell powerful climate stories

Forming part of the Prince’s Trust’s Achieve Programme, the workshops are designed to help young people become active citizens and participate in creative climate action, linking their learning to COP26. 


During the session pupils learn about the difference between weather and climate, how the planet’s temperature is measured, and how different scientists and artists have responded to the challenge of making their work accessible. 


All schools taking part are provided with a kit containing everything they need to create their own piece of climate data art, based the Warming Stripes developed by Professor Ed Hawkins. 

Put together from reclaimed textiles, the kit makes it easy for the young people taking part to make something visual using 150 years of temperature data from Wales. With an optional extension activity, pupils can add atmospheric CO2 data to their artwork, linking temperature rise with human activity.  


All teachers taking part receive a Resource Pack with background information, extension activities, resources, and printables to help support learning before and after the session. 

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