How can we ‘Help more people to look after their future”?

As part of Admiral’s on-going commitment to “Help more people to look after their future. Always striving for better, together”, we have partnered with Green Squirrel to bring together a community of ordinary people facing the challenge of climate change head on, supporting each other, and learning the skills we need to make a difference.

As a partner or member of Admiral Group’s community, you have a full year’s free access to The Climate Village, a climate action community where everyone is welcome.

Activate your free membership now or read on to find our more about the Climate Village.

Climate action is easier
when we do it together.

Imagine your social media feed… but instead of adverts and bad vibes it’s packed with climate solutions, achievable actions, and incredible peer support. Welcome to the Green Squirrel online community!
The Climate Village is online home of Green Squirrel: a space for ordinary people stepping up to the challenge of climate change, supporting each other, and learning the skills we need to make a difference.

 If you’ve been looking for a positive, non-judgemental space to turn worry into action then we invite you to join us. 

“Since joining the community I’m actually proactively doing things now that I feel make a difference against climate change and this makes me feel better about it… I don’t ever do anything out of a sense of guilt or obligation, I try to do as much of what makes me happy as possible and this lessens anxiety more generally!”

– Climate Village member feedback

Monthly community events

Learn a new skill each month from the comfort of your sofa, from food growing to activism. Can’t make an event? You can watch it back later.

Opportunities for taking action

Feeling a bit… stuck? You’ll find regular ideas for action as well as support to build climate action into a busy life. 

Space to connect, learn & share

Meet and learn with others who share your vision for a better world. Get something off your chest. Or ask the community for ideas and advice. 

A HUGE video library to explore

We’ve got over 100 hours of recorded tutorials & speakers on a wide range of topics, organised so it’s easy to find what you need. Learn to mend your jeans, preserve food, organise a protest, get on your bike and so much more!

Who is the Climate Village for?

The Climate Village is for anyone who wants to take action for planet, place and people. Whether you’re already part of the Green Squirrel community in Cardiff or you live elsewhere, you are invited to join us. All regular Green Squirrel supporters can access the Climate Village as a thank you perk.

Is there any commitment involved?

Nope – we know that everyone’s life looks different so your level of involvement is up to you. Some people check in regularly to see what’s going on, and even volunteer to help with aspects of running the community. Others check in occasionally or when they’ve got a questions. It’s your space and you can use it however works best for you. 

I'm not very green! Is this a space where I'll be welcome?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone’s situation is different and so the way we take climate action is different for all of us. There’s no judgement around diet, travel, consumption or anything else for that matter – all that we ask is that all members are willing to listen and learn from each other. 

Wait, is this the same as The Something Club?

This community launched in 2021 as The Something Club and we changed the name in 2023 to reflect the fact that partner organisations were starting to come on board. 

Can I use The Climate Village on the go?

Yes, absolutely! Explore the community on your laptop, tablet or phone – you can download the app for the best browsing experience when you’re on mobile. 

Ready to get started?

After signing up you’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know to access the community. 

Got questions? Contact and we’ll be happy to help.